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A drop of ink makes a million thoughts.
– Lord Byron

We Believe In

Great Storytelling
Clients that better community
The power of creativity
Causes and clients we like
Big ideas
The economy of collaboration

Our mission is to create thought that can change behavior for causes we believe in. We change conversations to make distinct, lasting and substantial improvements in the collective community.

PKPR is the premier communications and consulting firm specializing in community behavioral change campaigns.

Our partners trust us to help them tell their stories, shape public and policy conversations about core community issues, and develop strategies for sustained communication success.

We integrate deep subject-matter knowledge with the expertise required to realize improved outcomes for all New Mexicans.

We Have A Team For That

We are a collaborative consulting model that shares expert influence, resources and marketing muscle to put our client’s ambitions at the center of every action. Every step of the way, the client is supported by the best set of skills and expertise to meet their needs.

Unlike larger and traditional marketing firms, we are able to better harness the complementary skills and specific expertise that are unique to each client’s objective and goals. This keeps overhead and costs down to best maximize any public or private budget, while providing the client with an expert foundation designed for their personal needs.

PKPR has structured the team to include using the deep design expertise of Invisible City Designs, Simply Social Media, Idea Peddler, and Little Big Bang Studios.

A Dose of Reality About Opioids

Long before Prince’s death from highly dangerous and addictive opioids, the rising mortality overdoses rates in New Mexico had exploded… read more

Vote Different Santa Fe – New Mexico’s First Ranked Choice Voting

For an election to be successful and democratic, voters must be well informed and know enough about the system to… read more

We Get Awards

– But we give them to our clients.

Top 10 New Mexico Public Relations Firms 2021

2020 New Mexico Public Relations Society

Silver - Campaign - Multicultural and Diversity - In' Toon with Native American Culture and Opioid Overdose Protection

2019 Greg Johnston Board Member of the Year

Lynn Pitcher Komer

2019 New Mexico Public Relations Society of America

Silver - Tactic - A Dose of Reality About Social Media and Addiction Stigma; Bronze - Campaign - ¿Por Qué? Why Spanish Language Is A Dose of Reality to Fight New Mexico’s Opioid Epidemic

2018 New Mexico Public Relations Society of America

Silver - Campaign & Tactic - Vote Different Santa Fe

2017 New Mexico Public Relations Society of America

Gold – Campaign - Community Relations: Fly Santa Fe Takes Flight

2016 New Mexico Public Relations Society of America

Best of Show – Campaign: Reversing the Deadly Effects of Painkiller Overdose

Top 10 New Mexico Public Relations Firms 2014

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